The Weekly Income Review – Is The Weekly Income Scam Or Legit? (Find Out Now)

According to information on their official website as well as other sources, they make a weekly income review. It’s an online platform where you may get money by performing easy tasks. This platform, in essence, pays you for sending traffic to their advertiser’s websites.

When you sign up for this site, you’ll get $20, and you can start doing tiny jobs to earn more. You can cash out as soon as you hit the $300 minimum withdrawal threshold.

The Weekly Income Review
The Weekly Income Review

According to them, the weekly income platform would compensate you for performing ordinary tasks on the internet.

Before you can make money on, you must first qualify. You must be a registered member to use this feature. So, how do you go about registering?

How to Create An Account On The Weekly Income Platform

To sign up for the weekly income platform, go to the weekly income Sign up page and follow the instructions by entering your information and ultimately clicking register. According to them, when you sign up, you’ll get $20 right away.

How to Access the Weekly Income Platform

Are you a current member? Here’s how to log in and keep performing your work while getting paid. Simply go to the login page, put in your login information, and click Login.

What Is The Best Way To Make Money On The Site?

You must be able to refer others to the weekly income program in order to make actual money. You’ll get $5 if you refer one person to the site.

How To Invite People To TheweeklyIncome.Com

It’s simple to invite others to the platform; simply follow the steps below.

Simply go to your dashboard after logging in to

Then, on the dashboard’s page, you’ll see your referral link.
This particular URL can be readily copied at any time and as many times as you want.

Share the referral link with your friends and family after copying it.

As you read on, you’ll discover how to market your link and earn a large sum of money on the weekly income platform.

What Is the Best Way to Promote My Referral Link?

To obtain link visits and make money on each visit you send through your link, promote it on forums, blogs, comments, chat rooms, chats, facebook wall, facebook pages, groups, twitter, ptc sites, and advertising websites.

When am I going to get paid?

The minimum balance necessary for payout is $300, and you can be paid at the end of each month via PayPal, check, Western Union, Money Gram, or bank transfer.

How much money can I make?

You can make as much money as you like; it all relies on your efforts and how hard you work to advertise your link. According to the weekly revenue analysis and testimonies, many of their top members are earning more than $200 per day and $5,000 per month.

Why are they paying such a large sum? Is it true that they are handing out free money?

No, they aren’t handing out free cash. They are paying you to drive traffic to the websites of their advertisers. They will be compensated by their ads for the traffic they generate, and you will be paid a commission.

What Is The Weekly Income Website’s Minimum Withdrawal?

The least amount that can be withdrawn is $300. As a result, once you’ve earned $300, you’ll be able to withdraw your funds. Simply go to your dashboard, select withdrawal, and follow the on-screen instructions.

Who Is’s Owner?

The information regarding who is the CEO of is not available on the official website or on any of the online weekly income reviews. So, if knowing who is behind the platform is one of the requirements for trusting it, you’ll have to reconsider.

Is Theweeklyincome.Com a Scam or Legit Site?

The Weekly Income, unfortunately, turned out to be a rip-off. We’ve gotten a plethora of complaints. They have refused to pay workers as promised after they have completed the needed tasks during their allocated time. You can double-check in the comments area.

However, if you’re seeking for a legitimate way to make money, this is not the site for you. is a website where you can register.

Please keep in mind that the information above about the weekly revenue review may not be completely correct, as things may change after we’ve finished our investigation. As a result, we will not be held liable for any decisions you make that are erroneous.