Review (Is MySpeedCount Legit Or Scam?)

In the following piece, we will provide responses to all of your questions regarding Some of the questions that will be addressed include: who owns, how does function, how to make money on, Login, sign up or Register, Referral, Withdrawal, and whether or not is a scam. There will also be

There is a dizzying array of online platforms, each of which promises to provide some form of return on your investment if you put up a certain sum. Some of these platforms are legitimate, while others pay for a limited time only before going out of business, and still others are nothing but a scam.

It is a good idea to read reviews about a platform before using it. This will allow you to determine whether the platform pays its members as promised or whether it is a complete and utter waste of your time and money.

ng have no association with MySpeedCount in any way, shape, or form; as a result, this review is based entirely on honesty and a comprehensive understanding.


What exactly is the website is a recently established South African platform that makes the claim that it will financially compensate its users on a daily basis for completing a few basic tasks on its website.

“ is a platform that is perfect for South Africans who are looking for a way to earn passive income,” claims the platform. “ is a platform that is perfect for South Africans.” Because it functions as a rooster count platform, it offers you the chance to select new members for your team, which will ultimately result in increased revenue for

Your income will increase proportionately to the number of new people who join your team. South Africans will, at long last, be able to take it easy and savor the rewards of their labor once they have access to this kind of passive income.

In its capacity as a rooster count platform, it affords you the chance to select new members for the purpose of maximizing your potential for earning passive income. For instance, a small group of participants can be selected to count the number of birds on a local farm for both that year and the following year. Both years’ counts will be compared. In exchange, the company will give you a percentage of the profit made from the sale.

How does one use the website

To create an account on, you will need to fill out a signup form and then submit it. This is the only requirement.

Myspeedcount is a fantastic South African social media earning platform that enables its Users to make money online. The way they work is as follows: all you have to do is join and register on their platform, and then you can begin watching your money grow in real time. You begin at a speed of R1 per day / 0.00001 per second.

The recruitment rate increases by one point per day for every new person you bring on board. Your speed will increase to R11 per day once you’ve recruited 10 people, and it will remain at that level until your referrals run out. You can make R900 per month just by maintaining a free rooster rank, but you can also buy high ranks to earn more in a relatively short amount of time by using your money.

How can I turn into a money-making venture?

You are required to be a registered member on the MySpeedCount platform in order to be eligible and begin making money through the platform. This platform is more of an affiliate program, and the only thing you need to do to participate is refer people to it. You start out referring at a speed of R1 per day, which is equivalent to 0.000001 per second; however, this speed will increase the more you do so.

For instance, if you refer eleven people, your speed will increase to R12 per day until all of your referrals have been used up.

Referrals become invalid after a predetermined number of days, which is determined by the rank you currently hold. Referrals can be renewed after an upgrade, at which point they continue to be valid for the predetermined number of days before becoming invalid once more. This continues on indefinitely.

Note: Your speed will decrease as your referrals reach their expiration dates. For example, if you were going at R300 per day and then lost 2 referrals, your speed will decrease to R298 per day. Your total earnings will be calculated based on your current speed. RANKS ROOSTER (FREE)

Make R1 (one Rand) per day.
You can gain up to R30 in speed every day.
After three days, referrals will no longer be valid.
Minimum Return p/m: R31
Maximum Return p/m: R931
The minimum amount you can withdraw is R200 VYPER (R500)
Earn R40 per day.
Raise your maximum daily Speed by up to R60.
After four days, referrals will no longer be valid.
Minimum Withdrawal: R500
Minimum Return p/m: R1240
Maximum Return p/m: R1860
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EAGLE (R1000)
Obtain R80 in daily earnings.
Raise your maximum Speed by up to 120 points per day.
After five days, referrals will no longer be valid.
Minimum Withdrawal: R700
Minimum Return pm: R2480
Maximum Return pm: R3720 RHINO (R2500)
Make R160 per day from your job.
Raise your maximum Speed by up to 200 per day.
After a period of six days, referrals become invalid.
Minimum Withdrawal: R1500
Minimum Return pm: R4960
Maximum Return pm: R9920 DINOSAUR (R5000)
Make R320 every day you work.
Raise your maximum Speed by up to 400 points per day.
After a week, referrals will no longer be valid.
Minimum Withdrawal: R3000
Minimum Return pm: R6200
Maximum Return pm: R12400
Who is the President and Chief Executive Officer of
Before signing up for a platform, it is beneficial to become familiar with its founder. This is because familiarity with the platform’s creator contributes to increased trust and transparency.

As a result, we have conducted a great deal of research to ensure that the Chief Executive Officer of is widely known. However, #ms-legit was unable to locate the owner of because the website does not currently have an owner; all that we are aware of is the fact that this platform is owned by an unknown individual.

When was the first version of released?

Before you sign up for a platform, it is vital that you are aware of this additional important fact. To our good fortune, we were able to determine that the 20th of May 2022 was the day that went live.

How do I get started with the Registration Process?

Simply click on this link to be taken to the official registration page for
Make sure that all of your information, including your phone number, email address, and password, is entered correctly.
To complete your registration, please go to the button labeled “REGISTER.”
After that, you will be given the opportunity to verify your identity by entering the one-time password that was sent to the phone number you provided.

How do I log in to the dashboard of account?

Follow this guide to become familiar with the process of logging in to

To access the login page, please CLICK HERE.
After entering your username and password, make sure to click the “SIGN IN” button.
This is how one logs into their MySpeedCount account. Where Did You Hear About Us?

Your earnings will increase as you invite more people to use through the referral link you have been given. You will automatically receive R1 deposited into your account for every person that you refer who signs up for

Is the website reliable?

Due to the fact that just recently went live, very little information is currently available regarding this platform. Despite the fact that the platform’s features appear to be legitimate, it is not possible to place full confidence in them.

According to the findings of our research on this platform, the level of risk involved is quite high. When they become more well-known and a larger number of people sign up, it becomes difficult for them to pay everyone. If you decide to participate, you should only do so with money that you can afford to throw away.

You are welcome to leave your feedback in the comment section down below.

Is a fraudulent website?

There have been no allegations made that the website is a scam. However, there are a great number of warning signs regarding this platform that simply cannot be disregarded.

Getting involved with this platform at this time will expose you to some personal danger. With the passage of time, we will learn whether or not the platform is a scam.

Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below if you have anything to say about this platform. Withdrawal After providing the required information, withdrawals made through will be processed within twenty-four to forty-eight hours, and the funds will be transferred to the bank account of your choice in your home country. Please keep in mind that the minimum requirement to use is R200.


We appreciate you taking the time to read this review of If you have already joined this platform and have received payment or have not received payment, please share your experience in the comment section below so that others may benefit.

Because we regard our readers as reviewers, we are extremely interested in hearing their feedback. Please share your thoughts and insights with others in the comment section so that everyone can remain protected and well-informed.