86fb Football Has Crashed – Here Are The Signs That The Platform Is A Scam

What are the symptoms that 86fb Football is on the verge of collapsing?
There are many symptoms that 86fb Football has crashed, but I’ll simply list a few of them here. Please share this post with as many people as possible.

Signs of 86fb Football’s Demise

86fb 1 Football has no apparent means of producing revenue, yet it has guaranteed consumers 5-10% of their money. This is precisely the type of situation for which the platform was designed.

2. At some point, they stopped allowing users to deposit in Naira and instead forced them to use USDT. Please allow me to explain why. When you make a deposit in USDT, the money cannot be tracked back to a specific account. That’s when I know they’ve begun the process of crashing.

3. Another clue that 86fb Football has crashed is that they claimed to have problems with their withdrawal department, claiming that withdrawing money was tough yet depositing money was simple.

4. Absurd deposit bonuses are also a clue that 86fb Football has crashed; when I saw the bonuses promised for each deposit as recompense for the difficulty of the withdrawal issues, I knew they were up to something.

5. Another clue that still bothers me is their recent announcement that you must deposit 30% of your total balance to expedite your withdrawal? Who is it that does that?

Someone’s money is stalled on your platform, and you’re still considering asking them to deposit additional money in order to speed up the withdrawal process? What a shambles.
6. People’s balances have now been removed from their dashboards. Another indicator that 86fb Football has crashed is this.

7. Its telegram channel is currently being utilized to extort money from their subscribers. On the channel, you’ll only see funny announcements if you look.

Why are their website and app still up and running?

86fb football has gone down, but their website is still up and running, waiting for new victims.

If you are a member, do not make any more deposits, and if you are considering joining the platform, please abandon your plans because it is no longer worthwhile.

Please, all Nigerians and followers of my blog, refrain from investing in similar platforms in the future. There are a lot of them out there, and they’re still coming out to rob you of your hard-earned cash.

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Is 86FB still making payments?

You’re curious as to whether or not 86FB is still paying. As I stated in my previous piece, as well as in the third paragraph of this essay. 86fb football has ceased to pay. People have been duped out of their hard-earned money by the platform, which has subsequently stopped paying.

Do you wish to know if there is an 86FB Office in Lagos, and if so, where it is? According to our findings, 86FB claimed to have an office in Lagos, which could be part of the scam.