10 Romantic Ways to Propose to a Girl

As a guy, once you’ve taken that big decision to move things to the next level by proposing to your girl, ensure you make the moment a memorable one that she cannot forget for the rest of her life. You have to convey your message in such a romantic way that they can’t shut you down.

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It’s now old-fashioned to get down on one knee and ask the big question while awaiting her response. Whether you are looking for marriage or wanting a relationship, here are unconventional, unusual, yet romantic proposal ideas.

10 ways to say “Will you marry me”? 

1. Snorkeling or pool idea

If you and your partner love swimming or scuba diving, you can use this avenue to throw the big question. You could choose a snorkeling destination and take her there. Jump right in and pop the ring underwater! It would be breath-taking!

For those who are not into snorkeling, then simply jump into a swimming pool at a resort or even the one in your home. To add a touch of romance, you can sprinkle rose petals in the water and decorate the premises with some colorful balloons. Try lighting some floating candles and set the music just right. Get her to dip into the pool with you and just surprise her with the ring there. I bet she won’t be able to resist!

2. Location you first met

You can take your partner to the place where you first set your eyes on her. It could be at a friend’s house, in a classroom, or at a park. If you have pictures of those good old days, place them all over. Behind those pictures write your question, in a series and get her to read it.

3. Love diary

You can also use the love diary angle to propose to your woman. Do this by tracking pictures and memories since you both met, in a timeline format. Against every year mention how the status was between the both of you. Then when you get to the current year, she should be pleased to discover that you placed the ring there in a small pouch.

  1. Get help from pets

You can pop the big question with the help of cute pets. Asking for her hand in marriage with the help of a pet will add a sense of sincerity and innocence to the proposal. You can even hire a trained dolphin and ask her during a scuba-diving trip.

  1. Love poem

This idea will suit literary couples very well. You can create a poem or short story ending in asking for her hand in marriage. Patiently wait for her surprised expression as she gets to the end. If you are not a writer, you can simply hollow an old book, put the ring inside, and ask her to read a specific page from the book.

6. Sing me a love song

A love song is another romantic ways to express your love through your proposal. Sing them a song you write especially for this moment or perform a significant song before you propose.

7. At the Airport

For those in long-distance relationship, you can propose while your partner is visiting you, and this should be at the airport. Simply hold a sign in the airport doors as you pick her up and put ‘Mrs’ in front of her name and put your last name behind it. Or, propose to her up in the air while you are travelling together. You can spice things up by working with the flight attendant or pilot to create an entertaining proposal for all the passengers to marvel at.

  1. At Theater or During a Show

You can steal her at by proposing at a theater with a show, musical, or play that she loves. Consider getting in touch with the organizers of the play to see if characters from the show may be willing to assist during intermission or after the end of the event.

  1. A Special Quiet Beach

Another cool place for a proposal can be a beach that you and your girlfriend have great memories. Pack a picnic and some romantic music. Drop the one-million-dollar question while watching the sunset.

  1. Take a Cruise

You can take her unawares with a cruise to somewhere she has mentioned wanting to go to in the past, and plan one explicit night on the cruise for the proposal. Many cruise lines offer certain romantic packages, carry out your research properly before the big occasion.

Watch the video below for additional tips on how to propose to your woman.

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